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The websites above are organized according to our expert’s decisions and represent the best in the industry. Some of them are well-known, while the others are considered hidden gems. All of the listed online casinos follow strict safety standards in accordance with India gambling laws. Your information is protected with several layers of proven security. This holds up whether you are depositing money to gamble with or withdrawing winnings. Rankings will be adjusted when necessary, so the list is dynamic in favor of the gambler. You can use more than one casino website for gambling. Pick some favorites from the list to make your own virtual betting platform. Do blackjack rules work better one website while poker excels with another? Refine your game list so that the winnings are always in your favor. Make sure to bookmark and save some of your favorites from the list!

Mobile Betting

Bring the power of online betting to your smartphone or tablet. There are two ways mobile betting is handled by a casino. The first is by providing an optimized mobile website without stripping any of the original website features. This streamlined version takes screen size into account, and auto adjusts based on the device or browser being used. Safari is supported on iOS devices while all java/flash enabled browsers are supported on Android. If a website provides a supported browser list, users should only browse using the suggested apps. This ensures maximum compatibility and better support when an error occurs.

Branded apps are the second (and arguably most popular) way online casinos deliver mobile betting. An app gets past the inconsistencies of creating a mobile website that is compatible with all devices. An app introduces advanced features like sync, quick login, backup support and more. More advanced apps will even introduce power saving features so that you don’t use up a tremendous amount of battery when gambling. Just like their website counterparts, casino apps have an incredibly high encryption. User data is protected against hacks, cybercrime and fraud. Having a mid to high end phone is recommended to avoid slowdown when using the apps.

Mobile Betting

Best Betting Offers

Promo codes and special offers are common with betting websites. The key is finding which one offers a better overall deal for your time or money. There are five main offers to look into, each with their own list of specialized features. Every website has offers, with many of them falling into the limited-time category. Pay attention to any restrictions associated with the offers and betting. Deposit bonuses will list requirements that are easy to follow. When you have questions about an offer restriction, contact the website for a more in-depth follow-up.

Free Bets

Free bets are a perfect way for new players to get acclimated to the online betting format. You can make wagers based on current house rules. And since you are playing with house money, there is no risk to losing it all. Winnings can be cashed out, but the free bet amount itself is not available for cash out. It’s not uncommon for new players to get the hang of things and turn free bets into big winnings. Since this is a no risk perk, new players should keep an eye out for listed betting sites that offer this feature.

Risk Free Bets

Risk free bets allows players to get their money back after losing. This feature is limited in its scope, with every website having its own stipulations. They can factor in bet amount, the account of the player (new/old) and payment method. Combined with free bets, risk free bets are another big incentive for beginning players. Rules change often with risk free bets, so take advantage of offers that come your way. They are limited in time, and are often based on a big event happening in the gambling world. Check the details of a promotion to see if you qualify for a risk-free bet.

Deposit bonus

A deposit bonus is similar to free bets, but offers more of an incentive. You get an instant deposit to play casino games. You can’t withdraw the original deposit amount, but any winnings can be withdrawn normally. A few websites have implemented a percentage bonus on top of the deposit bonus. When you add your own money to the original bonus, they will equal (or double) the amount in the account. For new users, this offers a massive advantage when gambling. A deposit bonus makes it worthwhile to go all in on the first initial deposit.

Matched bet

Having an understanding of betting terminology is important for matched betting. Casinos that support matched bets are popular with multiple gamblers. It is a very specific technique that can effectively make money on every bet. It all comes down to math and common sense, which is something that all gamblers should have. By acting as the better and bookmaker, a profit is guaranteed for every major transaction. Matched betting is not supported by every betting website, and there are variables that can changed the outcome. A high commission can wipe out any gains, forcing the player to use a quantity over quality approach.

Free spins

There are hundreds of casino websites that offer free spins to new and returning customers. The free spins can also include a no deposit stipulation. Using this setup, you can get a feel for the available games without spending any money. Any money you win can be cashed out, so the only real cost is time. Some of these offers reset daily, allowing for multiple free spins in a given week. The smart better would set up favorites and return to them when it is time for another free spin. Combining the free spins with deposit bonuses can yield some very interesting results.

Betting Sites in India – Growing Incredibly

When the gambling laws changed in India, it made everything fair for the brand and the player. Multiple people were asked how the new laws affected their playing style. The answer was favorable across the board, proving that there is a growing interest in the industry. India is one of the top places to bet online without any strict limitations. The best part about the growth is that new websites are showing a preference to India. More variety with betting websites means more chances for a player to win money. With over a billion inhabitants and growing, there is huge potential in India for online gambling.

Relaxed laws in India for online gambling is only one part of the story. Players are interested in the way betting sites handle worldwide audiences. That means there should be no benefit for winnings based on the gambler’s location. The pros in India for online gambling are equal to the entire worldwide audience. The same rules, regulations and overall feel affect all players that decide to gamble online. With all of the new choices, players can now align themselves with websites that match a specific playing style.

Online Betting In India – Popular Sports Markets

Every market has its own pros and cons for betting. This keeps things interesting, and rewards knowledgeable gamblers the most. There are ten sports markets that get the most action, and they’re listed below. The biggest events for each highlight when the bets will be the most lucrative.


The bat and ball inspired cricket is a non-contact sport that is played worldwide. It’s not an Olympic sport, so betting is usually hot for the Cricket World Cup, ICC T20 World Cup and the ICC Champions Trophy. There are several smaller competitions that are worth betting on when rankings become clearer for the playing season. Cricket is not part of the ‘big-tier’ in sports, so outside of championship matches, the best betting comes from rivalries. These year to year matches are highly contested and create great drama when the news cycle picks the story up.


Football is the most popular sport in the world, and is easily one of the big tier betting sports. FIFA is a household name that organizes the World Cups for men and women. In a way, the World Cup is its own Olympic style event that takes place every four years. While waiting for the biggest event in the world, betters enjoy intense rivalries and large international competitions. Football is also an Olympic sport with high viewing numbers. Out of all the sports in the world, football moves the most money from betting lines.

Horse racing
Horse racing

Horse racing is one of the original betting sports in history. It moves an amazing amount of money and maintains its status as a big tier betting sport. Each country has its own horse racing traditions, which makes each race unique. Horse racing has remained largely the same since its creation, so the few rule changes introduced have had little impact on betting. Odds change rapidly, so a favorite for one race can be an underdog for the next. In India, there are six major racing authorities. Using pool betting and traditional markers, India’s horse racing circuit is popular with gamblers. The major races in India are the Indian 1,000/2,000 Guineas, Indian Oaks, Indian Derby and the Indian St. Leger. On an international level, the Triple Crown and other major races garner an amazing amount of betting.


Tennis is an international sport with a very unique betting system. Both singles and doubles play are eligible for betting. Tennis has four major events per year and is an official Olympic sport. Each of the open events attracts a different type of betting pool. Unlike the other sports, tennis has a fairly predictable outcome for most of the major events. Bigger bets can be found with the larger official events, but it is the smaller international (satellite) events that make tennis bets worth it. Currently there is a shift in power in the men’s and women’s game, opening up more opportunities for varied betting. The four major opens with the most action are the U.S. Open, French Open, Australian Open and Wimbledon.


Like football, rugby is a sport where betting is higher in countries where the sport is played. That means specific countries like the U.S. will have less betting action involving the sport. For India and surrounding countries, rugby is a great way to play money and get a large return. The sport is still new professionally, and is considered one of the smaller sports in the world. Every four years the Rugby World Cup is held, which is still the biggest event in the sport. Due to the way rugby is split between multiple organizations, the smaller competitions offer a better gambling playground than a single championship.


Not a lot of people are familiar with the number of bets placed on a game of darts. It is very much a professional sport, and is organized by the BDO and PDC. Many breathtaking finishes have taken place at the BDO and PDC World Championships. For some extra action, there are several smaller tournaments held by other organizations. Betting will vary on interest and whether the tournament is officially sanctioned by a recognized body. The women’s side of the sport is active, but growing into something special. With more recognizable names, darts can become a high tier betting sport.


Boxing is another one of the older sports with a lot of betting action. Even without the draw of a big name, boxing is the easiest sport to bet on. There is action for small, medium and large style bouts. Multiple weight divisions lead to bets being placed year-round. The heavyweight belt is still the cream of the crop when a big name is attached. But for the last few blockbuster bets in boxing, the weight division played no part in the number of bets placed. Bets for boxing is very much led by the marketability of the fighters.


Snooker was created in India and is a very influential game to bet on. Getting its main setup from pool, snooker became a thing of its own. The World Snooker Championship draws a lot of attention for the sport. At its highest betting volume, snooker rivals pool in marketability. The WPBSA and IBSF oversee the major operations of the sport. Snooker has a large number of tournaments to bet on, leading to plenty of variety when placing bets. There is a good chance that the sport will become an official Olympic sport in the 2024 Paris games. When the world championship airs on the BBC, it is watched by millions.


Tennis is an international sport with a very unique betting system. Both singles and doubles play are eligible for betting. Tennis has four major events per year and is an official Olympic sport. Each of the open events attracts a different type of betting pool. Unlike the other sports, tennis has a fairly predictable outcome for most of the major events. Bigger bets can be found with the larger official events, but it is the smaller international (satellite) events that make tennis bets worth it. Currently there is a shift in power in the men’s and women’s game, opening up more opportunities for varied betting. The four major opens with the most action are the U.S. Open, French Open, Australian Open and Wimbledon.


Esports is one of the best ways to place a bet. It continues a fast rise to the top, with an unpredictability that is hard to describe. Because of the availability, Esports is highly competitive around the world. Action is high even for games that are new and not established in the Esports world. Many recognizable faces and teams have emerged in key leagues, so there are favorites to put money on. But since there are no ‘dynasties’ in esports, it has become the best way to win big by betting on an underdog.

How Do We Rank Our Brands

There are several factors in determining which platform is acceptable for the average gambler. Here is an explanation of what things Betninjas looks for when reviewing a website. These guidelines are necessary to choose the best of the best for betting websites.

1. Safety and security

Your personal information is secure, just like it would be in a local casino. To protect against cybercrime, data encryption is strongly preferred. Any reviewed website that has questionable history won’t be included on the official list.

2. Costumer support

A quick turnaround when answering questions is expected. Since time means money with betting, sites that have good customer support are preferred. High volume betting websites with subpar customer support are ranked appropriately. Interactive 24/7 chat is an acceptable replacement for direct line customer support.

3. Deposit & Withdraw - Ease, payment methods etc.

More variety when handling money means a better customer service experience. A website shouldn’t force you to jump through hoops to cash out the money you’ve earned. Betninjas takes a long look at the cash out and deposit methods of each online casino.

4. Betting markets variety

More betting markets means a better chance of finding something to put money into. The major sports are important, but including obscure sports scores extra points for reviewed websites. No single casino will cover all of a customers betting needs, so depth in a single sport is prioritized.

5. Competitive odds

The house will usually have the advantage, but that doesn’t mean it should be unfair to the player. Better odds on a gambling website will always be the highlight of Betninjas reviews. A favorable betting line provides a higher chance to receive bigger payouts with smart research.

6. User experience

A website with good marketing does not guarantee it is a good place for betters. The overall user experience brings all of the individual scores together to determine a final ranking. By balancing out individual features, Betninjas can guarantee a better user experience.

Sports Betting In India – Beginner’s Guide

Here is everything you need to get started with sports betting in India. Some of the information is valuable, even for seasoned gamblers. Make sure to go over it at least once before jumping into the world of online gambling.

How to open an account

Find the website(s) that you are most interested in and have the following ready: payment information, personal information and a verifiable email address. Try to stay away from throwaway emails since a lot of important information will go to that address. Payment information will be verified, so don’t use virtual cards with a temporary status.

How to withdraw and deposit

Payouts are fairly easy based on the online casino you are cashing out from. Some will let you direct deposit the winnings into your bank, while others allow for PayPal withdrawal. There is no wiggle room with requirements, so withdrawal options on an online casino website are nonnegotiable. For convenience reasons, depositing money usually follows the same guidelines.

How to claim your welcome bonus

First time gamblers have to be verified before claiming a welcome bonus. That means signing up for the website fully, with payment, personal and email information. Once verified, the casino will inform the player that their welcome bonus is available. A welcome bonus can include free play, matching a deposit amount, or adding a set amount of money to the account (not for cash out).

How to place a bet online

Gather all of the information you need about a specific bet and then head to the associated website. You’ll need either a free play bonus or money deposited into your online account. Go over the wagering types and terms before committing to a final number. Watch for real time changes in your specific category before placing a final bet to ensure a bigger payout.

Live betting and streaming

Live betting and streaming shows the sporting event in real time as you place a bet. Only registered players can participate in live betting and streaming. The event restricts betting to players that have money in their accounts. Unlike other betting types, live betting and streaming allows you to change your bet on the fly.


Is Paypal Supported?
Some casinos have opened up their doors to allow the full list of PayPal features. Once approved, cash out to PayPal is probably the quickest option available for any supported casino. When combined with PayPal’s instant transfer, you can receive money in mere minutes.
What Happens If The Internet Connection Dies?
Online betting has safeguards built in to protect gamblers from failed internet connections on both ends. Even if the connection is lost, once restored the actual result of the current game will be shown in the balance. A few casinos have implemented a history button to browse the results of the last few games.
What Are The Benefits Of Mobile Gambling?
Access to modern features, an always online connection and of course convenience. You don’t miss out on any of the main features of a website by going mobile. And with the use of an app, you gain more features.